Simplifying Workforce Management 

Connect the workforce securely to your enterprise system, with CEL Mobile, offering real-time collaboration, anytime, anywhere on any device.

Complete Enterprise Mobility Platform

Connect the workforce securely to Oracle E-Business Suite, with the packaged CEL Mobile apps, offering real-time collaboration, anytime, anywhere on any device.

Integrate and mobilise legacy systems and data with bespoke integration delivered through the CEL Services platform.

Disrupt your market through the deployment of creative mobile solutions that change your industry and deliver real competitive advantage.



Creative Innovation.

Provide your workforce with the consumer app experience to which they are accustomed with CEL Mobile.  Offering a rich, familiar and intuitive user experience, CEL Mobile is optimised to take advantage of today’s smartphone technology and is available native for iPad* and iPhone* and for Google Android* devices and via mobile web for all other devices

*iPad, iPhone and Google Android are
registered trademarks of Apple and Google

Engage your workforce.

Reconnect your workforce to your enterprise system, with the convenience of anytime, anywhere processing, empowering them to manage their own information. As the workforce reconnects, a natural increase in data accuracy and optimisation of workflow process response times occur.

Increased Efficiency.

Mobile access to the enterprise system enhances an organisation’s ability to streamline processing, reduce administrative overhead and free up the workforce to concentrate on strategic initiatives.  System processing is executed faster with greater accuracy bringing an organisation increased agility; critical for adapting to today’s forever changing market environment.

CEL Mobile Applications

View and update employee information.

This function allows for the viewing of employment information and the updating of personal information.

Enter absence requests and view absence accruals.

This function allows for the creation of absence requests, provision of an absence calendar and accrual balances display with what-if functionality.

Create timecards and submit for approval.

This function allows for the creation of Oracle Time and Labor timecards.

View historical payroll details.

This function allows for the viewing of historical payroll details including self generation of pay advice to email.

Search for people, view by hierarchy, communicate with direct actions. 

Person information is displayed via individual record and also within the reporting hierarchy. Actions can be performed directly for phone, message
and email.

View and approve Oracle Workflow generated notifications.

Notifications are delivered from all workflow processes including Oracle HCM and Oracle Finance.